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Hydraulic Grade Control System

GraderMate is a hydraulic grading assistant that fits to your excavator.
It allows easy creation of perfectly flat surfaces, slopes and trenches.
Simply select your choice of surface using the tablet, move to the start position and activate the foot pedal.
No additional person is required to assist with levels.
Designed and made in Australia.


Flat Grade

Creating a flat surface has never been easier.
Simply press and hold the foot pedal and sit back.
An offset can be set to make consecutive grades the same height.

Sloped Grade

Enter in the desired angle and let GraderMate make the perfect slope.
Setting an depth allows you to automatically repeat the slope.

Trench Grade

GraderMate lets you keep track of your trench depth even on the side of a hill.
When close to your desired depth, let GraderMate do the final cut.

Profile Grade

Create unique shaped trenches that can be stored in memory for future use. Easily mark points in your profile by positioning your bucket. Save multiple profiles and activate with the footswitch.


Touchscreen Control

Keep track of bucket position from your cab.
Touchscreen interface that requires minimal interaction.
Machined aluminum holder for strength.


Gyros to measure your exact bucket location.
Central control unit for controlling the system.
Solenoid block for excavator control.
Footswitch activation when needed, joystick control when finished.

Laser Receiver

Dual purpose gyro with laser pickup for locating your depth over long distances.

In-cab Footage
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